Painting a metal has two benefits. First it increases its strength and second is it makes it beautiful. Paint makes a protective layer over the metal. This layer prevents the metal from coming into contact with moisture. Also prevents the metal from scratching.

Why paint a metal?

Whether it is steel door, furniture or a small piece of metal, it has to provided a protective covering otherwise it would lose its sheen and shine after coming into contact with foreign elements like moisture dust and grime. Wet paint can be used for making a protective layer before a metal surface.


Spray the wet pain all over the surface and make sure that it is uniform. Use a brush to paint a metal or you can spray the paint using a spray machine. Take precaution when painting metal as lot of paint goes waste when painting. Or you can choose tough powder coatings instead of wet paint.

Powder coating

It is also a kind of paint but it is in the form of power made of finely grinded pigments and resin. The power is electrostatically charged and then sprayed on the metal surface that is to be painted. The metal is then heated to the point where powder starts melting and converts into a thin film.


Powder is tougher than wet paint and for this reason tough powder coatings are more popular than wet paint. Another advantage of powder paint is it is cost effective. It has one more advantage that is it is environment friendly.