Dry finish proves involves preparing surface for coating, spraying powder on the surface and curing the evenly coated surface. The process takes time as the surface is first treated for coating.

The surface has to be cleaned properly as it might have moisture, dust and oil and other foreign elements that can reduce strength of the powder. When the surface is properly cleaned, it is sprayed with powder. The powder sets decently on the surface and on heating it melts into a film that provides a protective covering to the surface.

Any surface whether it is a large machine made of steel or a structure can be treated with dry finish. Dry finish has many advantages over solvent based paints and for this reason most metallic products are finished with powder. The dry finish provided by batch process powder coating is the best.

What is batch process?

It is the manual way of treating metals with powder. The process starts with preparing the piece of metals and concludes curing the metals. Everything is done manually and for this reason it needs more time. But it gives the best results and saves money.


Dry finish can also be provided with automatic process. As the name suggests, automatic process is finishing by machines. It saves time but it is suitable only for products of similar sizes. It is used for bulk projects of similar sizes. Batch process powder coating is the only of coating metal pieces of different sizes and for this reason it is most trustworthy method.