Metal parts and pieces are treated with a powder that provides them protective covering against moisture. Manufacturing industry that produces thousands of metal parts a day sends the parts for industrial powder coating to service providers. The service providers treat the metal parts according to their sizes and according to needs of the manufacturers.


If there are a number of parts to treat and the parts are similar in size then the service providers use automated system. It is automatic system in which parts are treated by machines. The machines clean the parts and in this way prepare them for treatment. The prepared parts are treated with powder by the machines and the treated parts are placed in incubators for heating by the industrial powder coating machines.


Automated system has one advantage that is it reduces coating time. If the manufacturing time outpaces the treating time then automated system is used. Automatic system can provide quick service as it wastes little time. But the system won’t be effective, if the metal parts are of different shapes and sizes. Batch industrial powder coating system is used for treating metal parts of different shapes and sizes.

Batch system provides complete satisfaction as the parts are treated with hands. A skilled workforce is employed for manual coating. Each part is cleaned and treated with seasoned hands. The labor takes care that the parts receive powder all over. Batch industrial powder coating system is economical as well. It needs little space and it produces little waste.