Steel manufacturing industry relies on powder finishing service for their products. Similarly iron products and part manufacturers need powder finishing service for their finished goods. Every piece of metal needs industrial powder coating before it is launched in the market for sale.

What is powder finish and how it is provided?

It is like solvent based paint but powder is different from wet paint. Powder is 100% safe and also it is more durable in comparison to solvent based paint. It is applied with a gun and the piece of metal is heated to melt the powder molecules on the metallic surface. Heating changes properties of the molecules and they become one. There are two ways of industrial powder coating.

Batch system of coating


It is manual process. It involves cleaning and preparing piece of metals manually and then spraying the pieces with handguns. The pieces are then taken to incubator where they are heated. From incubator, the pieces are taken to a safe place for cooling. Batch system of industrial powder coating is slow hence time consuming. But it is the best process of coating.


Automated system of coating

It is automatic system. It is quick as it is handled by machines. Pieces of metal to be coated are lined up. Machines prepare the pieces of coating and then spray powder on the metal pieces. The pieces are then taken to a large incubator where they are heated. It is quick but for automated industrial powder coating, the pieces should be of same size.