When you powder coat a piece of metal, you first clean the piece to remove whatever dust and moisture it has accumulated overtime. In this way, you prepare the metal to receive powder. When the metal is ready, you spray powder with a spray gun on the metal.

The metal bathes in the powder. You inspect the piece to make sure that it has powder everywhere. You would make sure that the powder is evenly sprayed on the piece and there is no grey area on the piece. When you are certain that the metal has received the powder, you would keep it for heating.

The process ends with the metal heating and the powder making a thin film of protective covering over the metal. The piece of metal that you have coated is now ready to be used. It won’t get scratch as the powder makes a tough coating. It is the best powder coating process.

Manual Process

The manual process of coating a piece of metal is the best but it is time consuming as you have to do many things like cleaning the piece of metal and checking the piece to make sure that has received powder all over.

Automatic Process

If you are working on a number of pieces of equal size and weight then you would use automatic process. Automatic system would save you time and since you have pieces of same size, you would find automatic system the best powder coating process. In automatic system, it is the machines that would do the job.